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The incredible story of Bertrand Girin

Bertrand Girin
Bertrand Girin was born in 1970. An engineer from the Ecole Centrale in France, he suffered since his childhood from frequent crises of canker sore , without ever having succeeded in treating himself otherwise than through local treatments which, though they sometimes relieved his pain, diminished neither frequency, nor intensity of the crises. No professional could explain to him what was causing his canker sores, and he had the feeling that pharmaceutical groups were not interested in the subject. But canker sores were seriously affecting his life.

Once, while he was under treatment for another issue over several months, he realized with astonishment that his canker sores had diminished. Of curious temperament, he decided to investigate, and broke down the different extracts of the natural treatment which he had ingested. He read more than a hundred scientific studies on canker sores, worked with a doctor and an expert in pharmacology, had capsules manufactured for each of the components and to the point of ending up discovering a perfect combination , then enriching it, until his canker sores crises finally completely disappeared. His life has changed ever since.…

Bertrand Girin then decided that the dozens of millions of people in the world affected by repeating canker sores which poison their life also have the right to benefit from his breakthrough. He therefore created Previzen with Jean-Baptiste Destremau.

With the help of all those suffering from canker sores who have agreed to take part in different tests, the project could progress. By recovering their smiles, they gave birth to AftaZen.

Three years of perseverance, work and medical research, as well as the priceless help of an enthusiastic team, have aroused a great hope: is life without canker sores possible?

The strategic committee is composed of:

Marc Lemaire – Doctor – 55 years old, father of 2 children

Eric Manchon – SciencePo, Board of Director of Ofivalmo – 55 years old, father of 5 children

Martin Genot – Insead, Entrepreneur – 48 years old, father of 5 children

Jean-Baptiste Destremau – Engineer, co-founder of Previzen – 42 years old, father of 4 children

Bertrand Girin – Engineer, co-founder of Previzen – 40 years old, father of 1 child

Marc Lemaire Eric Manchon Martin Genot Jean-Baptiste Destremau

PREVIZEN: the company

Previzen is a company registered in France, founded by Bertrand Girin and Jean-Baptiste Destremau, with a capital of 157,500 euros.

aftazen: canker sore treatment discover our study on canker sores
In the USA, 8 million people have canker sores more than once every two month

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