Pricing policy

A pot of AftaZen contains 120 capsules or 2 months of treatment at 2 capsules per day. The price of a single pot is $49.99 or $0.82 per day.

As the inventor of AftaZen, we are happy to offer you volume discount, so you can benefit of cheaper prices when buying several pots at a time. For a one year treatment (6 pots), the price goes down to less than $0.50 per day for an adult, and less than $0.25 per day for a child.

For example, this expense equals to using your mobile phone two minutes less every day, or if you smoke, to smoke two cigarettes less every day.

You can compare the cost of AftaZen to the benefits it brings on the quality of life by reading the AftaZen review page.

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* based on 2 capsules per day | each pot contains 120 capsules
aftazen: canker sore treatment discover our study on canker sores
In the USA, 8 million people have canker sores more than once every two month

Tip of the day:

If you often have canker sores or if you have a canker sore which lasts for more than 4 weeks, consult a practitioner