Our commitments

AftaZen 5 star guarantee

  1. Security and Quality
  2. Tailor-made logistics
  3. Secured payments
  4. Respect of privacy
  5. Guarantees and Services


Security and Quality

Conception & Manufacturing of AftaZen

Production facility

Production facility

Aftazen is produced in European Union, with the best conditions of security and hygiene.
The production site is equipped with pharmaceutical clean rooms where air treatment conforms to ISO 7 (ref. ISO 14644) and certified by an approved body.

Pharmacists are permanently controlling quality and traceability of all products and operation is made under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
The different natural components of Aftazen are selected by the best specialists. We are particularly attentive to their quality, to their provenance and to their conditions of manufacture or extraction.

A dietary supplement with no side effects

Until recently, the only 'non local' treatments of canker sores were medications with well-known and dangerous side effects, prescribed in hospitals and with extreme precaution.
With AftaZen, the components of which are allowed on the list of the European Union of food complements, there is no undesirable effect noted to this day.

Tailor-made logistics

Preparation and shipping of our products is key to us.

Our logistics platform is accredited by the following bodies:

  • MHRA (The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency)
  • RMMA (The Royal Mail Mailing Agent)
  • Trust UK (Website Security from D.T.I.)
  • M.A.I.L. (Trading standards mail response)
  • EcoStep Award (for Environmental Commitment, from the Centre for Environment and Safety Management for Business)
  • ICO – registered as a data controller and bureau with the Information Commissioner's Office
  • Members of the Fragrance Foundation
  • ISO Lloyds Register Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2008 since 1996

Secured payments

The financial security of your payments is completely guaranteed by our payment platform.

When you pay by card, you are re-routed to a platform specialized in payment, and the data of your direct debit cards are not contained on our site.

We guarantee to you total confidentiality of your banking information made safe by SSL protocol, which controls automatically the validity of the access rights during your credit card payment and crypts all exchanges, guaranteeing confidentiality. We do not know and never will we store information related to your bank card.

When you pay by Paypal, you only have to have an email address email linked to your Paypal account and no personal information is disclosed on our site.

Respect of private life

Your privacy is very important to us. We will never give, sell or rent personal information linked to your identification without you prior approval.

Our site is registered at the CNIL under number 1412807.

Guarantees and Services

In case of delivery of a product which is not similar to your order or which is damaged during transportation, please contact us

For any question, you may use our contact form. We are committed to responding to you as soon as possible thereafter.

aftazen: canker sore treatment discover our study on canker sores
In the USA, 4 million people have canker sores more than once a month

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