My canker sores are awfully painful. I've tried everything. What should I do?

Our studies show that the level of pain caused by canker sores can be very high. It is a function of the location of the canker sore(s), but also of their frequency: the more canker sores are frequent, the more they tend to be painful. During a painful crisis, you can use a local analgesic but be careful not to use this solution for a long period of time.
We advise you to try a preventive treatment.

AftaZen® is a dietary supplement that is the result of 3 years of research and testing.

AftaZen® comes in the form of capsule and is a mixture of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. Its unique formulation allows for easy ingestion and treats your body in depth by rebalancing its metabolism After a few months of treatment, many patients have indicated a lower frequency of outbreaks, a smaller number of less painful canker sores and much shorter periods of inflammation. Many of them have experienced a complete disappearance of their ulcers while taking AftaZen.

aftazen: canker sore treatment discover our study on canker sores
In the USA, 4 million people have canker sores more than once a month

Tip of the day:

If you often have canker sores or if you have a canker sore which lasts for more than 4 weeks, consult a practitioner