Chronic canker sores

Many people suffering from chronic canker sores have the feeling that their life is plagued by these terrible sores and that no solution can help them to get rid of them. Some people even say they are cursed! Quality of life is strongly affected by chronic canker sores.

Chronic canker sores or recurring canker sores may lead to difficulties in speaking, eating or swallowing and may negatively affect patients' quality of life. People having chronic canker sores suffer from a lack of understanding from other people who don't understand how bad life can be when you continuously have several canker sores in your mouth.

New chronic canker sores treatment

AftaZen is the first canker sore treatment specifically designed for people suffering from chronic canker sores. It is an effective preventive treatment, so once it works you don't have to worry anymore about frequent mouth sores.

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Women (55%) are more affected than men(45%) by canker sores

Tip of the day:

Do not use extensively mouthwashes or local antiseptics which could destabilize your oral flora