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IMPORTANT: These testimonials come from a large-scale epidemiological study done by us on a population of more than 10,000 people suffering from recurring canker sores. We chose those who seemed representative of different questions which people suffering from canker sores might ask themselves.Texts are original and we didn't correct them.

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Your testimonials on canker sores

I use TCP to treat them. I also swish tcp around my gums after I clean my teeth and this prevents them. However if I run out of tcp or stop using it for a couple of days a mouth ulcer will usually occur again.
My mother also experienced ulcers.
More since I stopped smoking
I also have a large ulcer (or fibrous mass) on the side of my tongue which never goes away, it only varies in the amount of pain I have. I have had it removed once already but it came right back after surgery.
They normally turn up when I am tired or stressed.
Always suffered from them, usually I relate them to stress or currently weight loss. The ones I have can easily get up to 10mm across.
I have been suffering mouth ulcers most of my life but recently they are getting worse! At the moment I have 3 in my mouth and 6 on my tounge. Please help...
I've been diagnosed as suffering from B12 and folate deficiency. Currently on a course of medication which is due to cease in approximate another week when I will return for further blood tests.
Started 22 years ago after hysterectomy
Seriously affect my life and work
Severly limit what I eat and drink
Have tried many remedies from GP pharmacy complementary therapies
Dentist has refered me to hospital October appointment
Would appreciate any suggestions
I started around 11; the only time i was free was during pregnancy. In the last year they have become bad again usually when i am tired or overdoing it.I am healthy otherwise and eat a good varied healthy diet.
I don't rate any of the medications available, the gels are uncomfortable & the liquids are more painful than they are worth. I also question if they heal the ulcer any faster & the pain relief provided is very short. I would be interested if you could reccommend any new treatments ?
They fookin hurt!!!
I a Coeliac and have been told thats why i am prone to getting mouth ulcers
is this true?
Only started to suffer from mouths ulcers in the last 5 years. They last for around a week. The pain is persistently annoying and grinds me down. I am much more irrateble during a crisis.
i am a bechets sufferer .i am on pills to dampen it, every time i get a cold iget ulcers .i have just got over a cold ,ulcers all down my throat .......
I have suffered from recurring mouth ulcers ever since I can remember, and no doctor or dentist has ever been able to offer me any explanation or treatment, despite repeated visits and blood tests.
generally get a crop of ulcers one - three times a month, usually with 2-4 sores at a time. There have, however, been occasions when I've had fifteen at once, on my uvula, tonsils, lips, gums - though they are usually appear the sides and tips of my tongue.
They sound like such a pathetic ailment, but they can be completely debilitating, and the pain has often prevented me from eating, drinking, sleeping and speaking - the latter being a pretty essential part of my job as a journalist.
I am dying to find an explanation, as well as a treatment that actually works.
Sometimes the ulcers appear as a blister which fills with a fluid for a few hours. Once this blister pops, an ulcer appears about a day later.
I seem to have tried every over the counter remedy, to no avail. But also use STS free toothpaste (which means I get more tooth cavities!) and take B complex, vitamin and other health/immune system boosting supplements...not sure anything has really helped though!
My ulcers can be due to me biting inside my mouth or sharp food.
Hi I have had mouth ulcers for 33 years off and on, mostly on... Any help would be great !
I have a long held theory that I get ulcers when I drink alcohol. I hardly drink alcohol at all because I have a liver disfunction ( Auto Immune Hepatitis ). I always had rash after rash of mouth ulcers from being a teenager. Every year around February I usually suffer from Pharyngitis and get lots of ulcers in my gullet. I wear dentures and have done from being aged twenty.
Hi, I have suffered from severe mouth ulcers for almost fifteen years. I am tired of being told I am stressed or deficient in a vitamin, I can not understand how I could possibly be stressed for this time frame and I have had all my bloods checked to see if I am deficient in anything. You name it, I have tried it. The most recent product that worked up until recently is Betnesol, however I have nine ulcers now and have had them for two weeks. I give up and am really at my wits end. ANYTHING at all that you feel could work, I would welcome to hear. Kind Regards.
I have never found a suitable cure / relief and I've tried all the current remedies.
I hate ulcers :(
The ulcers on the tongue are the most painful. None of the off the shelf remedies work. Can you find something to ease the discomfort?
I have suffered for years and they seem to happen if i let myself get a little run down or a period of not enough sleep.
i also suffer with swelling of the lips when i have a episode of ulcers
I've been having mouth ulcers for a few years now and they are almost certainly worse when I am run down...
If I accidently bite my lip or cut the inside of my mouth somehow, it will automatically turn into an ulcer without fail.... I used to have to go on liquid diets as a child because of the amount of mouth ulcers i would get down my throat... I seem to have grown out of them now only for the odd one maybe once a month or due to injury...
Usual on the inside of cheeck or lower lip by teeth, sometimes on gums.
I have suffered with these nasty things since I was a child and find citric acid tends to start them off!!
I am the parent, my son who is 11 yrs suffers badly with them. I do not know what I can do to help prevent them, he is in so much pain at the moment. The one at the moment is on this inside top lip he can't even talk properly, let alone eat or drink. Please help.
Any cut on my lips or gums will become an ulcer.
I suffer from mouth ulcers and get about 3-7 per week.
They range from all different sizes. Sometimes Ican't eat as it is far too sore.
The ulcers seem to have got worse over the lat 5 years since I had viral menengitus,
They are far more painful on the side of my tongue than anywhere else.
Please find a cure , they are the curse of the devil.
My whole family reguarly suffers from ulcers, and have done as long as I can remember. I do however have periods where I dont get any at all, especially when life is good. They seem to be stress related and weather related. Im also vegan and im sure it is effected if i dont eat well. My mum thinks she has had them less since she started drinking aloe vera, and that they last shorter periods of time.
i have behcets
i always seen 2 get them 2 the front of my mouth & then my teeth rub off em & dare are the most painful things i've ever come across. some times i just get rid of 1 and then i get 2 i also suffer terrible 4m cold sores. HELP ouch........................
I also have a tongue tie which is not helpful with mouth ulcers
I would really like to find a true remedy against it, because it is so annoying and so painful...
I just want to be free of suffering from constant pain.
I have only suffered mouth ulcers since having my baby over a year ago. Each one lasts at least a week..I have them all over my mouth..from the edge of my lips, tounge, gums, cheeks, throat. They make it difficult to talk eat and drink. They are really starting to get me down. I have been to see specialists in the hospital. They dont know whats causing them. I have tried everything available on prescription. Nothing works.
suffered wiv them for yrs now and still cant find a way to stop them. question. can mouth ulcers cause bad headaches????
difficulty in getting a dentist
Childbirth wasn't as painful as the monthly crisises that I suffer. I am struggling to cope with the pain now, it's really affecting my life. I'm yet to find something that helps..
I believe that the ulcers are linked to crohn's disease.
Seems to come on after lack of sleep
Sometimes, instead of a mouth ulcer, I get a very sore tongue blister that bursts and stings and then becomes a very sore and large ulcer on the tongue.
It becomes almost unbearable for a few days and I find it difficult to eat because of the pain.
They sometimes and usually occur when i'm tired or stressed and last about a week.

Is there anything i can do about it or treat it?
Cure please :(
Very hard to eat or drink, and you get very down when you have them. My daughter also suffers from mouth ulcers.
Developed after anti-biotics prescribed by the dentist at end August. Tried everything since, and rincing with salty water gives some relief. Fed up at this stage!
tried everything available but still have had continously for last 20 yrs.Beleive may be due to metallic fillings tho dentist thinks most likely cause, hospital ent consultant says no.
i have had many blood tests all always clear, be it with .
my doctor and at a dental hospital
never given a proper reason to why they keep occuring,
nothing in the chemist to take away the pain when eating..
Have recently had another few mouth ulcers. Pharmacy advised on a mouthwash & gel which were ok, but ulcers still lasted another few days. She did advise that Bonjella best option of all which I tried to no avail. She also mentioned that increasing intake of fruit and vegetables would help prevent future outbreaks, is this true?
I find that I'm more likely to develop mouth ulcers during periods of stress - on this occasion I lost my job so a combination of stress and unhealthy diet during this period probably to blame.
I would be very interested in finding out if a healthier diet is best preventative measure and also if these are likely to be hereditary - I wouldn't like to think my 2 year old would go through the pain I've endured with them for a lot of my adult life.
In general I get 3 or 4 ulcers but I have had 13 at one time.
I think it is mainly when I have had a tiring few days.
Sometimes tomatoes can make them worse
i have ulcers everymonth usually around my menstral cycle but not necessarily but very tired of this ive had them all my life but in the past five years very consistant to have the monthly , very fed up with the whole thing would very happy to help you if you could help me thanks
i smoke
I have had them investigated all tests where negative and i have been advised that they are commonly referred to atheros ulcers. I have tried numerous treatments with very little effect and would really appreciate any new treatments and new information that you find as i have had to deal with them for years.
when i get ulcers i can get them anywhere in my mouth, i have even had some down my throat too. Sometimes they are tiny one other times they are the size of 20p pieces.
I have suffered from burning mouth syndrome and ulcers for 11 years, to date and although Professors and Drs. are trying to help we are getting know where?
I wondered if you may be able to throw any light, maybe something they have overlooked.
I feel it may be to do with change of life, bt they say thats hard to detect, Ive had plenty of test ,potions ect.. I s there any one that could answer some questions on my background of this painful case of both properties.
Anne Tredgett
I did suffer alot with my bowels first they thought it was celiac but that came up negative.
tongue biting i do abit as well.
I have a medical condition known as Ehlers Danlos syndrome, and this can cause weakening of mucosal tissue. I think this is part of the reason for many of my ulcers.
I have been suffering with canker sores since childhood. And it's getting worse day by day. I have seen so many docs and tried different things but, nothing worked. it's effecting my life big time. I get ulcers on my tongue, mouth and gums. i also get swollen gums. With my ulcers, I have noticed I get large pimples around my upper body. I need help.....!
i am a diabetic type 2.
I was once told that my ulcers where caused by not having enough folic acid in my diet - so I ate loads of bananas to absolutely no avail.
So far the only help has been salt water, but no treatment has stopped an ulcer in its tracks, they have always continued to grow and become more painful lasting a week or two before they finally go away.
I have found a couple of remedies. My doctor told me that i was lacking in Zinc, taking Zinc tablets helped to prevent the appearence of ulcers.

Also, i found found that diet coke/pepsi max etc encourage the formation of these mouth ulcers, just a personal observation.

They are worse at the time of the month and if I am stressed. When I was pregnant I never had a single one, it was great but I can't stay pregnant for ever! I think a lot of the time it's to do with hormones.
I have LICHEN PLANUS and I might still also have CANDIDA which I have had over three years now. The inside of my cheeks are red and sore and I get mouth ulcers (small red open sores) on and off - say a couple of times a month and they last for a good week each time. I used Adcortyl in Orabase up to recently which helped get rid of the ulcers within a few days but this product has now been taken off the market which is a great pity.
Furthermore I have now got rid of the candida through eating no yeast, no wheat and no sugar for a few months plus taken various vitamines described by the nutr. So the prof. at Guys Hospital told me over the phone that 'whatever you are doing, you are doing the right thing as your candida is still normal.
I still have mouth ulcers though and a sore mouth through Lichen Planus - some-thing irritates my tender tongue!!!
my tongue is also white with red patches i am on medication could this be the cause
help... when i get them... i get them on my tongue... it kills and brings my life to a stand still!!
I feel it may be linked to hormone levels because it is often worse just before a period
medication from the chemist take ages to combat the pain and due to having so many at a time bongela doesnt touch them

In the last 6 months I constantly have mouth ulcers on the cheek roof and tongue, anywhere I can have between 2-6 at one time all different sizes, up until now no treatments works well. I am currently in the process of having blood tests to help provide me with an answer
only started about a month and half ago when i started drinking bulmers, not sure if its the cause tho???
I used to have ulcers far more often (once or twice a month) before I started taking vitamin suppliment. If i forgot to take these vitamin for a few days an ulcer inevertably occurs.
Was told in july 2009 that I was gluten intolerent although the blood test came back negative!
have been to the dentist about this and been given prescription tablets. The dentist thought it could be due to a lack of iron. They also come on when im stressed.
i get the ulcers on the tip of my tongue mainly aswell as everywhere else.
Never seems to be much research done on common ulcers in the mouth!
i have suffered from mouth ulcers since my school days when i spent a lot of time at the dentist, wearing braces, for about a year, sometimes they would scratch my mouth, and i wonder is that what started it?
I am now on week 4 of a severe attack of ulcers to the tongue. They started on one side, and have travelled all around the edge to the other side, and are now making their way back. I am at the moment in a huge amount of pain and do not know how to treat them. I have tried all sorts of chemist type gels and pastes but am just wasting my money. Yesterday I resorted to seeing my GP, only to come away empty handed because the pellets he perscribed are no longer available - I am waiting for him to find an alternative medication.
Spent a fortune on different remedies none of which work. If i do get any temporary relief from anything it is very short lived about 2-3 days then they are back. Have been to hospita, had a biopsy which was clear. Blood tests clear. Totally fed up, looking for advice.
I am sick and tired of mouth ulcers.
I cant find a straightforward answer as to why i get the ulcers on my tongue they are always painful and usualy on the tip and occassionally underneath. They make talking , eating hard work.
When I get ulcers they are so painfull...I hate them
I always get the ulcers at the front of my mouth at the bottom and are generally very large
I would love for someone to find some relief from these dreadful things!!
tend to appear when my sleep pattern is disrupted.
Appear in largest numbers and size when I work more than 50 hours in a week and dont eat properly or regulary over numbers of days.
I am 52 years old and have suffered with mouth ulcers for over 30 years. They have become progressively worse over the years. They have increased in fequency and size together with the level of pain.
Over the last 12 months I have only had 7 to 8 weeks free from them. They can occur on any part of my mouth or tongue and are in excess of 15mm. in size and can take up to 2 months to heal before breaking out again in another site in the mouth. THE PAIN IS CONSTANT AND EXCRUCIATING!!! and this effects all aspects of my life as I find myself focusing on the pain and ways of trying to get a little relief from it.
I have had a test for mouth cancer which proved negative and many blood tests which have all proved to be withinin normal limits,however I have in the past had high levels of uric acid due to gout which is now under control with allopurinol (I did have the ulcers long before the gout occurred). Doctors say that they can find no organic cause for the ulcers and now say that I have Recurrent Major Aphthous Ulcers and that the is no cure so I am now reduced to continuous pain management which is a very, very depressing prospect indeed. MY own view is (taking into account my personality) is that the cause is "Stress related".
Short to medium term pain relief comes from mouth wash of high concentration dispersible ASPIRIN, also a mouth wash of dispersible STEROIDS seems to help with healing but with little pain relief.
It seems to be exacerbated by niquitin lozengers. Was relieved using nystatin
I just want to find out why I keep getting them and find an effective treatment!
I seem to suffr from mouth ulcers when I am stressed. Is this the primary cuse? Doctors do not know why they occur or how to prevent or treat them.
are mouth ulcers related to B Vitamin deficiency??
when i am having an attack im really tired and the ulcers get so bad that at there worst i cant even drink
I would be interested in receiving any scientific data related to this study and any published results of the study.
both of my children suffer too. they are painful and stop us eating properly.
I am v. interested in this study, I get recurring v.painful mouth ulcers and no matter how healthy I eat, what vitamins I take it doesnt prevent them and no medication cures them!!!
Usually follows a period of stress and/or poor diet. Has worsened in recent years and appears to result in painful, swollen submandibular gland on the same side as the ulcer(s).
Have tried all possible meds . whatever on the go, GP bills +++, told gastroentritis! But ulcers repetetive. Only started 5 yrs ago with attempt to give up cigs. Spent 18 mnts not smoking, but spent 18 mnts in agony! Now smoking again, ulcers there but bareable, unless I am tired
I was diagnosed a coeliac 32 years ago and adhere to a gluten free diet. The ulcers have been more continuous over the last few years and I am looking to find some remedy. I have tried all home/herbal remedies and over the counter items. Dr has prescribed steroids for short periods and I have also tried thalidomide for a short time yet to no avail.
i first started having these ulcers back in 1980 ,years ago they were so severe i found it difficult to eat i have tried all sorts of things ,seen different specialist but basicly have been told the ulcers are something you have to learn to live with ,thats easy to say when your not the one in constant pain.i just wish a cure could be found.
I am doing this for my mother who has constant mouth ulcers
tried everything
The ulcers mainly occur during or just after some form of stressful or upset. they also occur on my lips, and throat not just inside the mouth
I'd love to get rid of this!
because they hurt me i tend to bite them - which is a relife of pain - but then it hurts more so i bite more
Kinda gotten used to having them really.
my mouth prob can be effected by sun some times .take a good while to finish and seam fairly deep and bleed a lot when healing .
i hate mouth ulcers!!!;)
they are like my bodys way of telling me i am rundown- some people get coldsores etc i find oraldine very good at treating them.
I've tried everything, but only using the steroid paste types actually help when I catch the ulcer early enough.
Red wine brings them on as does lack of sleep, stress.
Wish I could see the back of them though!
i have suffered with mouth ulcers from i was a child- i usually get one week in the month when i don't have any and then it starts again...and have tried every treatment that there is
Vitamin B shots help
I have tried any amount of treatments/medications to help and nothing seems to help.
I began to suffer with mouth ulcers in 1980 when I gave up cigarettes --drinking water when I wake during the night helps faster healing --also salt water mouth rinses help but the salt really stings but this helps to clear the ulcers faster JER
I really hope you can find a cure for this as they have been the bane of my life for many years now.
My mouth ulcers have been present..since I was 24 yrs age.Used to be more frequent up till 44 yrs age..??hormones..but pain level remains intense..when present.
Could I ask my hospital consultant at King's Dental Institute if there are hospital allergy tests I could have to see if there is anything I am intolerant to? I may get 3 days break and then more ulcers come and I get up to about 14.
I would welcome any recommended treatment to clear them.
I have had recurrent mouth ulcers for 34 months now. I am so used to them now, that it's more of a suprise if I have just one or none. I've seen a specialist and both my dentist and the the specialist thought that stress was the major factor. I rarely use any treatment on them these days, just salty water if the pain is too intense.
If i stay away from sugar they heal faster, if i eat too much sugar i get them. i'm prone to ulcers because my body can't process yeast properly and the sugar feeds them.
ulcers can be anywhere in the mouth, especially gums lower front or on and around tonsils
Mouth ulcers can be picked up from phones, towels, kissing, pens, etc.
I take a cod liver oil supplement, zinc supplement, a vitamin B complex and an iron supplement everyday. My diet is quite good, a lot of protein, complex carbohydrates and green leaf especially spinach. I do also suffer from some hair loss, but any bloods I ever had done come back fine, perfect in fact. Hope that info helps!
I've had a biopsy and several blood tests everything comes back as normal.
I have tried to pinpoint what exactly brings ulcers on. ie, stress, diet etc.

I tend to bite my tongue in my sleep and it is this that i think leads to an outbreak. I wonder if the bit on my tongue becomes infected and this then spreads throughout my mouth
I get mouth ulcers very regularly. I also have tried to stop smoking several times and last time at about 11 - 12 weeks off them I ended up with exceedingly painful, enormous ulcers, which I have to admit forced me back on the cigarettes. This has happened approx. 3 times I have attempted to give up cigarettes.
any information on good ulcer gels would be helpful. i have used all sorts currently a good one is aperisan gel i got in budapest.
This normally seems to occurr if I am stressed or have had late nights and have been drinking. I alo grind my teeth in my sleep and wonder if this could be a contributing factor?

Kind regards

I have tried every product available to try and prevent my mouth ulcers. I have recently started using Teatree oil mouthwash and have found that I haven't had a severe breakout in almost a month which is significant for me. It's the best thing I have tried yet.
I've suffered from mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember but I'm the only one in my family who does. Funnily enough when I was pregnant I got no mouth ulcers.
If there is any treatment available that I have not tried already please forward info to me.Have tried all ointments,mouth washes and various alternative medicines to no avail.I wonder if it is allergy to something?
i have a gluten intolerance which might be significant to you
My mouth is never without some kind of mouth ulcer, they are on my tongue, roof of my mouth, gums under my tongue, it is hard to eat anything without pain.
I am interested in any suggestions as I have over several years tried to modify my diet, take vit and minerals but nothing seems to work. The ulcers that occur on the tongue are much more painful than the ones that occur on the gums. I have even resorted to taking anti-inflammatory medication to try and deal with the ulcers that occur on the tongue otherwise I would not be able to talk. Please find a cure soon as I'm not the only one that is suffering in my family.
Have rheumatoid arthritis and am on immunosuppressant medication. Even the prescribed stuff for mouth ulcers doesn't work!
ive constantly had ulcers for the last 5 years now and nothing ive tried ever works
I suffer from Behcets Disease.
I have not answered question 3, as this varies with each lot of ulcers, how many I have, where they are in my mouth etc.
i am paticipating in this study as my 14yr old son suffers from continuous mouth ulcers.any info re:this would be great... thanks carol
I have had an ongoing ulcer for the past 4 weeks which doesn't seem to want to go. I am in agony with the pain and it effects my everyday life.
I have tried everything I also get cold sores.
I get mouth ulcers nearly always in the same places. the inside s of my cheeks and under and along the sides of my tongue. this makes my chewing action very painful and I can't eat properly.
They are mixed with Oral Lichen Planus
my daughter suffers terrible with them and has been prescribed everything. Hope you find a solution. \good Luck
hi, i have been getting really bad ulcers since i was a child, but the older i get the worse the ulcers get they used to only last about a week but now the last 2-3 weeks. none of the treatments on the market work.
Ihave been suffering from persistant mouth and tongue ulcers for about the last three years. As soon as they go they quickly crop jp again in a different place. I have had numerous tests. Blood, cameras down throat and up anus but nothing has been found. They did start soon after I quit smoking, I never had them before. Apparently this is quite common, but why are they continuing after all this time?
I suffer greatly from mouth ulcers, there was only one brand of paste which would clear them, this company is now no longer making the product.

I probably get 2 or more mouth ulcers every couple of weeks.

Any info would be very useful.
feel free to get in contact

I get this ulcer on my tongue and it spreads all over, some foods seem to make it worse. It is extremely painful.
I have been getting very sore ulcers on my lips and use bonjela and salt water to swish but neither help. I need a new plan on stopping them they are painful and really annoying
i am a singer dancer who has in the last 3 years suffered from recurring mouth ulsers. they come and go but ive always got at least 4 to 5 at any one time. when its really bad like, i have up to 13 to 14 and they can last up to 3 weeks.
i get them down the back of my throat, on top side and underneath of my tounge, sides of my cheeks from front to back, insides of my lips and even on my gums underneath my teeth.
i brush my teeth every morning and night and if i have a show mid evening i will brush before i go on stage.
it hurts to eat, swallow, talk,brush and def sing and smile all the time.
ive recently started using corasdill daliy toothpaste and always use mouth wash ive tried all sorts.
i want to get to the bottom of what is causing this for a 24 year old i have a good life i travel all over with my work. at times i can be slightly stressful when rehearsing for a new contract and trying to get things done in time butthis is once every contract which might be every 8 months.therefore i dont feel that this small amount of worry could cause such a big problem. my main worry now is if when i talk to people i hope my breath does not smell from all the ulsers.
if you have any tips, hints or other medication i could try. or even try cutting out of my diet. ive started to cut out any type of fruit juice as i thought the acidity might be too much but why now after so many years. and its getting worse all the time.
any info would be great
many thanks
I have had mouth ulcers on and of most of my life since I was a child during the war. They do not seem to be as painfull as they used to be or am I used to it now? My Granddaughter also has them occasionally.
On several occassions especially if i am sick i get what feels like hundreds of little blisters in my mouth. These can also happen when i go to the dentist, my face can swell up. I also find if i eat certain fruits of veg that they flair up. It would be interesting to know the results of this study and i hope this helps
i used to suffer badly from mouth ulcers as a child. i smoked from aged 16 to 34 years old. during that time i hardly had any mouth ulcers. i stopped over 7 months ago and they are back to levels when i was a child. Very painful
I could get up to 12 ulsers at a time, I have more ulsers and pain during stress.

I often get them on my tonsils which left them scarred, this has resulted in re-occuring ulsers, swollen glads and I am waiting to have my tonsils removed.

This has linked to pain in my ears, jaws, as the pain spreads when I get them in clusters of 3 or 4...this is usually when I have between 10 and 12 ulsers.
over the years i have tried supplements which have not helped, the only product on the market that helped was adcortyl which is now discontinued..nothing else works and i have tried them all!! I recently had a few days in cornwall and had a brief relief from mouth ulcers, im now considering whether it is the tap water in my area (northumbria water) and using bottled water to brush my teeth to see if this makes any difference. I have not found my GP to be very helpful with this matter.
Can this condition be fixed.
i have recurring mouth ulcers which are big, open and extremely painful, preventing eating, brushing teeth and even talking, also my 13yr old son suffers with the same problem, we have tried various ointments creams and medication, nothing helps
I suffer with mouth ulcers on a continuous basis but they were very bad as I had braces which made them verly large and painful. Since the removal of my braces the severity had lessened. I still am interested in the results of this research,

Thank you
I have crohns disease
mouth ulcers are a sign of ceoliac my husband had these for years since he changed his diet they have not came back.
My ulcers are on my tongue rather than in other parts of my mouth. I think stress playus a part with me, exacerbated by white wine! Unfortunately I tend to drink more when I'm stressed
just wish i knew what causes them and how to prevent them happening
I also find that i get them every month that i heve my period and that i never got them while i was pregnant
my two year old daughter suffers worse when she gets them they cover her gums tongue inner cheeks she cant eat or drink shakes with the pain of them and appears to have them around the clock are they hereditary
Any suggestions on how to reduce the number I have would be welcome...
Its not too big a deal for me. I heard you get it from eating from eating too much fried foods.
Either I've been stressed all my life since childhood or there's more to it than that! My mum gets them quite a lot, and I gather there's a genetic component, and yes, we're both pretty nervous, highly strung types. If they are viral then why haven't I developed anti-bodies? Is anyone working on a vaccine?
I would love to know what is causing it.
Nothing seems to work for these. Any suggestions
please help
I wear dentures
i get a lot on my throat,
my 2 and a half yr old suffers reaccuring mouth ulcers and ends up in hospital on drips as treatment never really makes a difference
i suffer from throat ulcers on a regular basis and have been told by my doctor that not much can be done - can anyone help?
My daughters seem to suffer badly from them as well.
i find that the ulcers are more obvious and painful around my menstrual cycle. I have been getting severe ones on my tongue in the same spot about a week before my periods and as soon as i begin my periods it heals, then i get it shortly after my periods as well
I have had continuously had mouth ulcers for the past 2 years they are always on my tongue and never on my gum's, i have also a swolen tongue, i have been to the dentist and he is sending me for some blood tests but may take months to get the appointment.
i have been gettin ulcers for years and suffer badly i get pescribed seriods but this does little for them, i also sufferer with painfull wrists -when they flare up
I have ulcerative colitis which i'm told can cause frequent mouth ulcers.
When I was pregnant the ulcers almost disappeared. Perhaps hormones are responsible or the pill.
I get the ulers mainly on my tongue
On the programme Embarassing Bodies on Channel 4 on February 10th, a girl was saying she had them, the doctor took a mouth swab and blood tests, all came back clear but she was prescirbed anti-inflammatories and a few weeks later she was saying how much better she was and didn't get the mouth ulcers so often and were less painful when she did get them. My doctor has taken blood in the past but no one has ever suggested a mouth swab to check. It was also suggested it could be linked to joint pain, I suffer with sciatica, do you think there could be a link?
I don't usually suffer from mouth ulcers but i quit smoking 2 weeks ago and feel it has something to do with that.
I was advised some years ago that I have an intolerance to some foods causing mouth ulcers. None were identified absolutely. However there is certainly a link with acidic foods, fruits and vegetables , some sugars, some starches ie potatoes most processed foods. If I eat only animal or fish protein ie chicken, and leafy vegetables for some period of time and then have one serving of a food item as above, then I do not get a mouth ulcer. However , if I have subsequent servings the next day then mouth ulcers will develop.
I have really bad episodes once i was sent to a London Hospital by a dentist and they used nasal spay and it help clear them. I have had to have them lanced as well. When they were lanced the pain went away immediately.
Have found after three years that if I dont eat wheat based foods that I have reduced the incidence of mouth ulcers.
Suffered with them since i was 15 am now 50, tried everything from dental, healers alternative medicines, kineosolgy, acupunture ect nothing works..only thing that gives any sort of relief is a chinese powder containing watermelon and using a chinese detoxing teabag constantly but still suffer very badly but not as much since discovering these chinese alternatives
i have found that the times that i am mostly likely to have mouth ulcers are times when i am very stressed and not getting much sleep or rest.
The otc products currently available do not do enough to relieve the pain of mouth ulcers, let alone to heal them
Sometimes my ulcers are so sore or in the most annoying part of my mouth that they hurt alot while speaking.
my son is 11 who suffers a great deal and I have mouth ulcers and have since I was a child.My husband never gets them.
I seem to get a spate of them for no obvious reason and then have 2 to 3 months free of them. I a\m 66 yrs old and mouth ulcers have become a problem in the last 10 yrs.
Good luck with your research

Had one severe instance of between 9 and 12 mouth ulcers (1 very bad) over a 2 week period; I thought it due to pain medication/NSAIDs I was taking briefly at the time but doctor disagreed.
Is there any treatment or advice that can help? Vitamins?
its my husband that is the one that gets them, he thinks he gets them because some times he bites the inside of his jaw, what do u think of that??????????
I do suffer with mouth ulcers often and would appreciate to hear any advice you can offer.
I sometimes get them as one fades another one starts. I used to think it was something to do with what I eat but I am not too sure now. It could be my weak point if I am under pressure but it can be very painful.

I have recently found, having tried everything available from the Chemist, that rinsing my mouth with soluble aspirin helps alot.
used to suffer really badly with them,used to have them continuously, in clusters off up to ten, pain level 5. Came off the contraception bill and take b complex every day. That drasticaly improved them. If i don't take bcomplex for more than a week will get an attack.
fibromyalgia sufferer(16)
My sisters and I all suffer from mouth ulcers. I have not been able to find a trigger although my sister swears by something that is in toothpaste?? Would love to get more info though..
Vitamin C rich fruits aggravate it or bring it on
Have tried a million different treatments - best effect I've had is from drinking a lot of water plus take multi-vitamin with zinc. It's probably the water that makes the biggest impact.
My 7 year old daughter is suffering from mouth ulcers every month too since she was about 3 years old. We both have a good diet (plenty of fruit and vegetables).
At this moment now I have 2 very big and very sore mouth ulcers, I want rid of them! HELP!
No gels or cream work.
the treatments that you can buy in the shop don't seem very effective. Gels are hard to apply, pastesstick to other parts of your mouth and pastilles don't last long. I would love to know if there's any way to reduce the number and frequency of mouth ulcers that I get.
i do get them very often but have discovered that if i take zink tablets helps alot
have suffered from mouth ulcers all my life my chidren also suffer from them if im stressed they are worse.
Thank you,
I have a sore, just one sore, on my gum that looks EXACTLY like that you got on this Mouth Ulcer Study Join link. I have had it for a year now. I don't know what it is. I will appreciate your reply. Many thanks.
At the moment they are not as bad because I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease. They new glutten and wheat free diet helps alot. I am still learning what I can eat and what I cannot.
Have been unable to find out what causes them
Find a Cure PLEASE!!!!!!!
i have suffered with mouth ulcers for over 10years and the happen at least once a mouth, so bad sometimes that i cant even eat.
there little white ones all over the tip of my tongue and they are very sore.
I find they tend to occur at similar times to migraines
There are no medications that I have tried that help with the pain. However I have been taking Vitamin B and that definitely helps.
I know it is said that stress causes mouth ulcers to break out but the biggest stress I have to put up with in life is the severe pain from the ulcers. I've had my bloods checked and there is nothing abnormal. I am otherwise extremely healthy and always have been. It would be so good if a cure could be found. Regards, Joan
most of the ulcers that i suffer with occur after some some kind of abrasion in my mouth ie any kind of bite or prick with tooth brush
i have suffered mouth ulcers all my life and i have never found a cure,i have scarring on my tongue due to large ulcers, tryed most things, even vitamin b pills as i was told this could be a reason for this, was also told women most likely to suffer near to there premenstrual time of the month, if there was a cure id love to know
I seem to get them at times when stressed, e.g. assignment deadlines or teaching placement. My dad, uncle and grandad all have the same problem with them.
how common are those and why do they keep re accuring.
Could there be an underlineing health problem, I do seem to get ulcers when I am stressed or feeling run down?
I gave up smoking 7 years ago (today, actually), and since then I have suffered from mouth ulcers. On and off. I would be very interested in the follow-up.
I have Lichen planus.
When I get my Ulcers, I would have them for approx 2 weeks. On average I would probably get 3-6 at a time, it depends. I have tried so many different medications, ointments,mouthwashes, toothpastes, herbal tablets, traditional cures i.e salt, changing my diet and eating habits and nothing has worked. Used to think it was stressed related but I have my doubts. No one in my family suffers fro them. I have always got them when I was younger, but I have been getting them continuously for the past 5 years.
Would appreciate any advice or help you can give.
Kind Regards
is mouth ulcers caused from stress?
I have provided my eight year old son's details above. He suffers terribly with mouth ulcers and no treatment seems to work, we would be grateful for any advice or help with this.

Many thanks
I have suffered from mouth ulcers for over 25 years and have been to specialist but with no success of finding a cure, basically you just have to live with them. I always seem to get an outbreak if i bite my mouth or tounge or if the toothbrush slips when I'm brushing my teeth!!!!
I started to get mouth ulcers after I gave up smoking, that has now been four years ago.
I have them since i was 8
I have recently found I may be getting these mouth ulcers due to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in toothpaste
I have suffered from mouth ulcers continuously for over 50 years. I was referred to the local hospital as a young adult and was told that they were something that I had to learn to live with, and I suppose that I have done this, but there are many times when they really make me feel so low that I wish that there was something that I could do to get rid of them.
I'm continually being fobbed off by my doctor, saying the cause is simply down to stress, but I have nothing to feel stressed about and have suffered from mouth ulcers since being a small child, but have noticed over recent years an huge increase in frequency. Currently I have 2 mouth ulcers which replaced another 2 only one week ago! My 4 year daughter also suffered from one recently
I have recurring ulcers on my bottom lip and tongue which are always in the same place, at the moment I am going through a two week period where I have had 2 large ulcers 6-7mm across on my bootom lip and one in the underside of my tongue which was especially painful, these are the recurring ulcers, they lasted for around 10 days and were painful for about 5-6 days, they have pretty much cleared up, but now have a very small ulcer on my top lip, not had this one for a long time, one on the inside of my cheek, this again is not frequent and a another one near the tip of my tongue which I have had before. I have in the past put my ulcers down to eating yoghurts, since I have stopped eating yoghurts my ulcers were not as frequent. My current spate of ulcers seems to coincide with me having some taksiki recently.
If you have any suggestions for effective treatment of mouth ulcers please can you pass it on.
i have mouth ulcers due to behcets syndrome so low folic acid results was the last thing i thought of my condition is extremely rare and very painful owing to ulceration of the mouth anus and vagina they can also occur on the skin and cause deep scaring
I didn't get re-curring mouth ulcers until after the birth of my second child
I realise that certain medications I am taking contribute to my outbreaks of mouth ulcers and would be interested in ANY form of relief. I obviousley have treatment for these out breaks,however is there something else I can take responsibility for?eg diet? etc .... many thanks ...
my lips also seem affected right from the edge
I suffer from mouth ulcers almost on an ongoing basis. Every other week I get approx 5 to 10 ulcers in my mouth on the inside of my lip and back of my throat. Nothing seems to work and it can take about a week before the pain starts to ease. I struggle to eat and sometimes drink. I have always had mouth ulders from being a child but the amount I am getting and the frequency of the attcks has definitely increased in the last 5 years
i only get them if i have a cold but i get lots about 40 little stress ulcers
what is causing them
I hate ulcers, they are so painful especially when they are on the tip of the tongue. It's so annoying because all the while I smoked I never got 1 but as soon as I gave up 3 years ago they've been showing up pretty much every month since.
my dentist prescribed antibiotics that I crush up and use as a mouthwash, tastes disgusting but clears them up quickly.
My mouth ulcers are mostly on the inside of the lips and under the tongue which can be very painful when eating. They normally last between 3 days un til about a week. I have suffered with ulccers since being a teenager i do eat healthy and take vitamins but they still return although they aren't as troublesome as they used to be now.
I find that my mouth ulcers are really, really painful and sometimes affect speech and the food that I eat. I tend to get them when I am run down.
get them after a long night out, nothing seems to heal them, i just have to wait until they heal themselves. Always very big and around the edges pf my tongue. Hope this helps. Been suffering from them since i was a young child and there was no stress or drinking to blame back then.
the remedys that are in the shops seem to sting and make the ulcers numb but within minutes they are as painful as before
why is this happening
Had them for approximately 2 years - they never really go away. Saw a programme about recurring abcess ulcers, is there any more information please.
I am doing this on behalf of my daughter who is only 8 and for the last two years she has been suffering from constant mouth ulcers that cause her a lot of discomfort
i would like to find out if there is any particular food that may cause ulcers.or if there are some vitamins that i may be lacking in
Many thanks
the slightest sharp object like crisps causes a small ulcer thenit grows in to a deep hole which takes weeks to go away the only thing tht has helped is to gargle with epsom salt in warm water
hey also make my lips swell is there a cure for these that do not require me to take drugs perhaps through a diet change .?
suffered for about twenty years before this never had mouth ulcers. Have had allergy tests and numerous types of vitamins as I was told could be vitamin deficiency but still keep recurring have found no treatment to prevent them. I have been advised by a specialist that they are called alphorous ulcers. any advice would be helpful.
Can I see a specialist and how do I get intouch?
Tonight I am in agony! This is the 2nd time this year I have had mouth ulcers and its only march 4th! I think it is because I am run down and feeling stressed.
I always seem to get them with baked potatoes, some microwaved meals,I have never taken any medication to try to heal them. But seem to be getting them more regualy now
I have recurrent mouth ulcers for over 10 years now. I have sought medical advice and treatments but nothing works. I would love to see and end to this. I have had tests done which have come back clear, Bechets syndrome has been suggested but they cannot test for this
Found that I started to get mouth ulcers after having my first child. Dednt have themduring pregnancy but once pregnancy ended Miscarriages mouth ulcers came back. Would love to have an answer.
Please find something to help - I have tried everything but have had these for years and just keep getting told it is hormonal and nothing to do!
I had much more mouth ulcers (and more frequently) when I was younger and living with my family, but ever since I moved out, they haven't been as bad, nor as big or painful.
My ulcers usually last from 2-4 weeks and are very big. They cause alot of distress as I cannot talk and eat without being in extreme pain.
Would be interested to hear any findings form the case study. Have good dental hygiene. Regular dental visits and cleanings so am curious to know if there is more that I can do to prevent them from occuring. One of my grandmothers had cancer of the throat and mouth so naturally I am a little more concerned to know if you discover a genetic or dietary related influence. Best wishes with it! Tara
i hate them grrrrr
My mouth ulcers are very very painful causing me alot of stress. Im finding it hard to eat food and talk. I just can cope with the mouth ulcers. It's getting too much for me.
I cant think of any pattern assocaited with attacks
Please find some sort of cure...!
I've suffered ulcers from an early age
Oral Steriods (taken for another auto immune condition) seem to help but nothing else does.
My mum get mouth ulcers and my daughter who is 13yrs not as frequent at myself tho. I Have tried changing my diet, take extra vitamin supplements, mouth washes, keep good dental hygiene, nothing seems to cure me. I get very bad ulcers on my tongue which are the most painful. My doctor say's there is no cure and he has done blood test's and all seems to be fine.No one seem to have the answer as to what is the cause there has got tobe something that makes the body produce these painful sores?????
hi i am righting this as my daughter has mouth ulcers every month and she is wating to go see doc at hospital about it shes been to hospital once they gave her steroieds and these dint agree with her shes been to dentist lots of times to and one doctor told her to live with it shes so much in pain with these so can someone give her any advice what she sould do at the moment shes taking b6 tablets from the health food shop as the girl in there sayed shes has the same problum .
Its my daughters that get the ulcers, they are 13 and 18 and have always got them. At the moment my 18yr old has 3, 1 which is infected and she is on antibiotics for (been to the dentist) 1 big one on her throat and 1 on her lip. I really dont think they are due to stress as my daughters are very happy and chilled out. I am at my wits end with ulcers, apparently my in-laws used to get them, ? hereditary. We have tried everything and have probably spent a small fortune! Any way we can help, please do not hesitate to contact me.
we have tryd everthing on the market nothing works.
i am unable to eat for days on end they are so bad
i have them in my mouth so bad that my teeth leave indentations on the ulcers and some mornings i am unable to open my mouth
it does not help that i have a condition called portal hypertension my blood isnt going the right way through my liver and i am undergoing treatmant at the moment this has been on going for allmost three years.
I have always been a sufferer of mouth ulcers and when I get one it lasts for at least a week with constant pain throughout. At the moment I have found nothing which works at all to help with the pain. I have been told to try Corsodyl mouth wash as it has worked for a few people that i know. I have 3 ulcers at present and will be trying this out as soon as I can get to the shops!
I find mouth ulcers incredibly debilitating sometimes. The pain can be really bad.
As a point of note, I didn't suffer from them for over a year when I was pregnant and for while after my daughter was born... Whch does lead me to think they may be hormonal - amongst other things!
Im 42 now and upto about 5 or 6 years ago I was having 2 sugars in my cups of tea. I then started having honey instead of sugar and this has now virtually halted the ulcers. Before my honey days I had multiple and continuous ulcers, I can only put honey down to the only thing that has helped me as nothing else in my diet has really changed.

Good luck, and I hope you find a cure.

Best Regards
i suffer from large ulcers upto nearly 10mm across and quite often get them on back of my throat or under my tongue. not sure if they brought on when im run down or stressed. i brush my teeth regulary and use mouthwash occassionally
only seem to get 7 to 10 days relief inbertween mouth ulcers, tried everything, and tale regular vitamins to suppliment mt diet.
Symptoms vary and have lessened as I've gotten older.
what causes them? I eat very well so do not think I am run down
The ulcers began for me when I gave up smoking 2 years ago.
The mouth ulcers appear on the sides of my tongue and also on the insides of my cheeks. The ones inside my cheeks make the area very swollen causing me to continually bite them when eating or often even speaking.
have always had mouth ulcers just before my monthly cycle. Now im in menopause its not so bad, but still happening....thank you for doing the study..
Sometimes the ulcer seem to infect the saliva glands and the ducts that go on the outside of the jaw bone causing pain when eating and trying to sleep(pressure from face on pillow)
i woke up one morning with the mouth full of ulcers (more than 10), nobody could tell me why. really painfull
I have suffered with them from infancy. Smoking cigarettes stops them. I have recently had acupuncture which has reduced them by 90%.
Does diet affect mouth ulcers?
Please! find an effective treatment!!!!
Thank you
My son is only five years old, so any info or help would be helpful!
i've suffered with ulcers on and off since i was 12. i quit smoking 7 weeks ago and i have had a throat infection, depression since. now i seem to be getting worse as my mouth has gone really bad as i think they are going they come back with vengeance but the worst thing i find at the moment is i am now tired continuasely which is making life difficult with 4 boys. thanks
ive just recently got an mouth ulser feels like a stone in my mouth just sore and annnoying tried a few things but i was away and never packed my tooth brush so i think thats where the problem lies
As a child and teenager I was plagued by mouth ulcers, to the point where I once counted 17. I now take multi vitamins and as a result get far fewer mouth ulcers, not scientifically proven but it works for me.
I have suffered all of my life with mouth ulsers and I have recently been to see a specialist who has said that they flare up at certain times in your life and unfortunately there is no cure. The only time i was free from them was when expecting my 3 children. This makes me think it maybe a hormone inbalance. If you have any ideas please forward them as I will try anything.
I find after a couple of nights of broken sleep with average of 4-5 hours actual sleep. The mouth ulcers tend to surface and last for a week or two.
they always occur in the same places; both sides of upper, inner cheek.
My daughter has recurrent mouth ulcers. She also seems constantly tired and is prone to headaches.
I have had mouth ulcers since i was a teenager , i am now 32 and still getting them, since i had a baby in 2008 i had them really bad , the pain in unbearable and my glands usually are swollen and i get an ear ache to when i have them. i am not happy at the moment as i have 2 in my mouth and they are very sore. i put myrrh oil on them which sometimes works but this time its not taking away any pain. i also take lysine tabs but nothings stopping the pain. can someone help, im going to go to my doctor tomorrow to get tested to see if im allergic to wheat and yeast so hopefully they may help me.
My mouth ulcers didn't occur until nine years ago and have been persistent, as in always one or two, followed by large crops at least once a year. I have learned to manage most episodes but find it most difficult when they occur on the tongue which restricts speech and are the most painful. I am generally very healthy, eat very healthily, take vitamin supplements and practice yoga. Medical investigations have failed to isolate a potential cause - following blood tests and biopsy. A major crop is usually associated with feeling very unwell with heightened sensitivity all over my body and is therefore difficult to tell whether a potential illness/virus has triggered the ulcers or vice versa. I know they are not life threatening but I am massively frustrated at having to consistently endure them and the associated pain which clearly effects my quality of life.
I have had mouth ulcers since the age of 7 years old and have had a lifetime of pain ever since, there is no pattern to them they just come and go as they please. The maximum I have had at any one time is 6 and it was pure murder!, I have lately had some success with using a tea tree toothpaste and it has reduced the outbreaks but I still get ulcers, also have just found rubbing tea tree oil into ulcers gives good relief and is not as bad for me as sore throat spray. I wish there was a cure for them but there is not, in my opinion I think mouth ulcers must be caused by a similar virus to herpes that stays with you for life.
I have suffered with them continuously for almost 6 years now if this information helps! Have seen various consultants still under rheumatology trying to diagnose problem.
Allways on the bottom of my tongue so very difficult to get at
I have what looks like two white ulcers on my lower gum that aren't painful but look like my teeth are coming through - this is really worrying me as a smoker/drinker, is it cancer?
Please help!
My mouth ulcers usually start as 2 - 3 small ones which then form into a massive one (approx 1 - 2cm in diameter).
I have always associated getting mouth ulcers with stress and worry however in the past 6 months, I have been under no stress and I dont worry as much as I used to - the ulcers continue. Also, I tend to get in the same place (inside lower lip).

My father gets ulcers occasionally as well however I am the only one in a family of nine that suffers quite badly with them.
I get mouth ulcers at times when there is no crisis - e.g. summer holidays. So I don't think my ulcers are crisis-related.
why does my partner keep getting mouth ulcers - he is taking Naproxen for back problems - could this be the cause ?
If this treatment works for people with mouth ulcers then it should be made available on prescription as this would bring the price down, the cost of the treatment would be a barrier for many people who suffer
i suffered from mouth ulcers in my teen's ,but they eased off in my 20s .then at age 50 i quit smoking after been hospitalisd with a bad chest infection,while in hospital i got a couple on my inner cheek's .that was in october of 2008 and i have constantly had them since,they are so painful sometimes i cry like a baby.i had tried everything available on them from the pharmacey and alternative health store,with no effect ,then i found a treatment that worked wonder's on them "ADCORTYL ORABASE "only to discover that it was no longer being made by squib &sons.hence i am on the web again looking for treatment and hopefully i will find it on this page.
I have found out that the three items that cause canker sores for me are foods. Spaghetti sauce. salt, spicy foods. Also stress has a lot to do with my break out. I have just about tried everything on the market I even tried home remedy's people told me about I'd do anything to get rid of the pain.
I've also noticed that when I'm tired and my metabolism is low I break out a lot. I have had these now for 13 years and I'm really tired of them. They are so painful you can't even eat right. You can't smile when their on your lips and right inside your mouth you go to smile and ouch they pull. The most I've ever had at one time was eight.Talk about painful.
I am a 59 year old woman and I have had these ulcers for 50 years now, finally finding out they were part of Behcet's, I was hospitalized often when I was a child with dozens of ulcers at once.the pain was a 10 and they came once a month like clock work.
I dont have them as often now, I was in my late 20's when they went away for good, till my 50's they came back, but not as often and not as bad.This I am thankful for.Now I have other Behcet's symptoms. Rebeccah
I clearly remember my first canker sore at age 9 and they became more frequent after I turned 16 gradually becoming larger (over 10mm) and more and more painful. The worst period was from age 25 to 35 with one to three canker sores over 10mm in size each month in a virtually endless cycle. Sores (often as many as three) on my tongue became frequent and made eating a near impossibility. The pain was nearly constant; disrupting my sleep, making my work performance suffer and severely impacting my life. I am now age 50 and suffer only one or two sores per year and they are always singles, never multiples, smaller in size and the pain and duration are much less. Mnay people seem to that canker sores are some sort of joke...Those are people have never suffered through a serious outbreak!
I have had persistent mouth ulcers for approximately 4 months- I have been to the dr three times- I only recieved the diagnosis of stress! I don't know where to go from here!
Would be great to get rid of the cause of the canker sores (i.e., not just the sore itself), and/or to identify what causes them so we don't have to live in fear.
I'd much prefer a natural solution than a medical (i.e., strong drug, side effects, etc.) option
Have tried everything
Wonder if it is related to a food allergy
Assume canker sores are caused by something else (as opposed to canker sores being the disease itself) - i.e., more caused by the immune system fighting something else and having no energy left to stave off canker sores
Wonder if my saliva is too acidic?
Incredible fatigue when an outbreak comes on - the body is just fighting it (or something else)
I drink a lot of water
cankers have relation to bites, deficient diet
Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say thnkas for he answer.
If this product works you have a customer for life!
I'm 17, however I've answered "below 15" because I have nominally experienced them once every 1-2 years since age 7, at least 3 quarters of them being during the summer when I seldom brush my teeth (which is once a week).
I have lived with these ulcers all my life. Despite that they still knock me around and are very debilitating. I seem to have had about 10 years with hardly any ulcers but now am starting to experience regular occurrences. The only thing that seems to help cut their pain levels and longevity is major doses of vitamin B. The ulcer still happens but it seems to be really bad for 3-4 days instead of a week, although it still takes at least a fortnight to actually disappear completely. I would be delighted if some company could create something that would minimise the impact of these nasty things!
I take a daily men's multi-vitamin...and have for atleast 5 years. I use sodium loral sulphate free toothpaste. Nothing works.
aftazen: canker sore treatment discover our study on canker sores
In the USA, 4 million people have canker sores more than once a month

Tip of the day:

Check that your toothpaste doesn't contain a substance likely to cause canker sores