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What is AftaZen?

AftaZenAftaZen® is a dietary supplement that is the result of 3 years of research and testing.

AftaZen® comes in the form of capsule and its unique formula, based on Aloe Vera, Vitamins and oligo-elements, allows for easy ingestion and treats your body in depth by rebalancing its metabolism and therefore preventing canker sores.

AftaZen stops Canker Sores before they appear. Read our Customer Reviews !

AftaZen® is currently patent pending. It is a registered trademark.

After a few months of treatment, many patients have indicated a lower frequency of outbreaks, a smaller number of less painful canker sores and much shorter periods of inflammation. Many of them have experienced a complete disappearance of their ulcers while taking AftaZen.

Aftazen boxes include 120 capsules, corresponding to a normal 2 month treatment for an adult, and 4 month treatment for a child.

Aftazen is compatible with vegetarian diet. Capsules are of plant origin.

For your first trial, there's a Moneyback Guarantee . Try AftaZen, it's risk free!

aftazen effective treatment against canker sores

AftaZen is 79% effective for canker sore treatment (*)

* study made on 429 people suffering from
chronic canker sores

To know if Aftazen is suitable for your canker sore problem, please take our test and discover our special offers for new customers!

aftazen: canker sore treatment discover our study on canker sores
Women (55%) are more affected than men(45%) by canker sores

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