Who Are High Rollers, What Does The Term High Roller Mean?

Casinos love the High Rollers as they are the players who spend their big fortunes on gambling. Among the major customers are wealthy businessmen and professional gamblers who earn their living through gambling. They definitely manage to win big prizes and great rewards, but at the same time, they spend a few million to satisfy the need to gamble.

High rollers can lose a very large amount of money in just one night, but that’s not a big deal breaker. They continue to enjoy all the benefits that these companies can offer you.

What Benefits Do Casinos Offer High Rollers?

Many manage to sign up to online casinos and reach the highest levels. Rewards include bigger deposit bonuses , fast withdrawals, exclusive customer support, and more. However, if we talk about big high rollers, the quality of benefits is even more incredible:

  • Exclusive rewards programs
  • Concierge Service
  • Cashback
  • Exclusive service
  • Exclusive tables and access to private boxes
  • Unlimited deposits and withdrawals
  • Admission to private events

The most special casino customers love to be pampered and are always looking for the best online casino games to win money and personalized service. Living luxuriously and receiving the greatest perks will always be a need for this public, just as for casinos it is essential to have them to move the business.

Who Are The Most Known High Rollers?

Below we will present some of the best known casino customers and how much they usually spend on their bets. They are true fortunes in the name of fun.

  • Sultan Of Brunei: With an approximate net worth of US$ 20 billion, Hassanal Bolkiah is a fan of casino games and a high roller who loves all the luxuries that casinos offer. Not only him, but other family members often spend hours in casinos around the world.

  • Kerry Packer: Although he passed away in 2005, the Australian tycoon has become a legend among high rollers. In addition to a private room at The Ritz in London, where he spent days spending millions on Blackjack, the king of casinos also received high rewards. For this reason he ended up barred from several gaming houses.

  • Adnan Khashoggi: the arms dealer and Saudi billionaire, was also a lover of casinos, especially roulette. Khashoggi has spent more than 25 years tirelessly marathoning London’s gaming houses. It is estimated that he alone was responsible for the 19% drop in Hilton International’s quarterly earnings.

  • Terrance Watanabe: After selling his party supplies company for an unknown amount, Watanabe started spending his assets on gambling. Spending is estimated to have reached USD $204 million in one year, mostly on the famous Ceasars Palace. Despite being a successful businessman, gambling addiction caused irreparable losses.

How To Become A High Roller

The first step to becoming a high stakes bettor is to bet high stakes frequently. Not all high rollers are treated equally, those who bet $300 per game will not have the same benefits as those who usually bet $10,000 each game.

Many poker players have turned professional and placed bets with large sums. This means that you don’t have to be born a multimillionaire to be a high roller.

With good strategies and correct choices, you may not become one, but you will certainly be able to have better rewards and who knows how to level up in your casino’s loyalty plan.

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